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Mary Grace Macaligar

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About: Registered Nurse :
Philippine Nurses Licensure Examination
Philippine Regulation Commission
Date Taken: June5-6, 2005

Employment History :
Employer: Makati Medical Center Medical Doctors Incorporated
Address: #2 Amorsolo Street Legaspi Village Makati City
Email Address:
Currently employed at:
Al Mafraq Hospital Abu Dhabi, U.A.E 2008-present
About:  Registered Nurse with six years experience in various positions.
 Specialty area in Operating Room and Maternal and Child Nursing.
Location: abu dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Home Location: metro manila, ncr, Philippines
Professional Status: Employed
Looking For: Employment
Occupation: registered nurse
Skills: Labor Room Nurse
• Monitors progress of labor, duration and intensity of labor contractions; monitor fetal heart tone; assist in hooking to fetal monitors; assist in internal examination to assess cervical dilatation; assist in induction of labor and monitor effects of oxytocins on labor contractions and FHT; assist in aseptic catheterization.
• Renders bedside care and attending to needs of patients with complicated pregnancies such as: pre term contractions, eclampsia and pre- eclampsia, pulmonary tuberculosis, gestational diabetes, gravido-cardiac, placenta previas, risk for abruptio placenta, asthma, respiratory problems, threatened abortions and pregnant with blood problems.
• Proper documentation and endorsement; carrying out doctor’s order; giving the right medication with adequate dosage as prescribed to the right patient; facilitate and assist doing ECG and other laboratory procedures, label and maintain the sterility of specimens for diagnostic examinations.

Surgical Nurse
• Acts as scrub/instruments nurse in cesarean section and other related OB-Gyne surgical procedures.
• Acts as Circulating nurse during surgical procedures.
• Do the skin prepping before any surgery, including induction of anesthesia
• Inserts Foley Catheter to patient who will undergo major surgical procedure

Recovery Room Nurse
• Renders care and comfort to post operative patients.
• Monitor and observe for signs pf bleeding and other postoperative complications, accurate monitoring of vital signs.
• Administering the right medications, with right dosage to the right patient as per doctor’s order
• Proper documentation, recording and endorsement.

Nurse Anesthetist
• Prepares the anesthetics and emergency medicines, and sterile materials needed by the anesthesiologist; assist in spinal, epidural, saddle block and general anesthesia.


• Renders initial newborn care and suctioning
• Monitoring the newborn from signs and abnormalities and complications
• Rendering newborn bath, cord care and cord dressing
• Observing the rights on administering medications
• Rooming-in baby with mother for bonding and breastfeeding; giving health education in regard to proper newborn care, cord care, breastfeeding and infant nutrition.


• Neonates
• Adults


• Spends over 95% of her time in air-conditioned environment with varying exposure to sound. The condition of work involves exposure to communicable diseases, malodorous, infectious body fluids from patients, and sharp instruments. Schedule of duty may be during the days, afternoon or nights, holidays, on any day of the week. May need to render overtime in the exigency of service.
Relationship Status: Single
Looking For: Friendship
Religion: Catholic
Screen Names: Graicey (Yahoo)
 Graicey (Windows Live)
 Graicey (Google Talk)
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