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Ma. Ethel Singh

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Location: Philippines
Professional Status: Looking for employment
Looking For: Employment
Occupation: Nurse
Skills: • Can manage surgical procedures during and after minor and major operations.
• Can establish and utilize a checklist that monitors the physical plan of the operating room and equipment for ensuring all safety for the patient and all the personnel.
• Can maintain an open communication lines, both interdepartmentally and intra-departmentally, to provide for total needs of the patient.
• Can maintain a record of patient’s history and prepare reports and recovery charts
• Organized, self- directed and excellent interpersonal skills
• Can work with minimal directives
• Contribute to a positive working environment
• Good oral and written English skills
• With basic knowledge in Computer Programs

Delivery Room/Operating Room/ PACU/ Endoscopy Head Nurse:

Roles and Responsibilities:

Position Summary:

• Provide clinical leadership to a designated nursing team and ensure the provision of high quality nursing care
• Act as a role model and expert clinical practitioner
• Assist in the safe, effective and efficient management of the department within allocated resources.
• Promote a progressive attitude to the continual improvement of patient care through research and evidence based practice.

General Responsibility:

• Ensure the provision of excellent, evidence based nursing care for the patient and their families.
• Ensure that each patient is assessed, and that their care is planned, implemented and evaluated in negotiation with the family, and that this is accurately documented.
• To act as an advocate for the patient and family ensuring the provision of appropriate information and support services.
• To communicate complex and sensitive information effectively to patients, carers and other staff, overcoming any barriers to understanding and providing support during distressing or emotional events.
• Ensure that discharge planning is commenced at the point of admission, liasing with the multidisciplinary team, other departments and community services as necessary.
• To develop and maintain clinical skills and knowledge necessary to provide holistic, evidence based nursing care.
• To be competent in the administration of medication.
• Communicate effectively, promoting open and trusting relationships.
• To be aware of the uses, safety precautions and handling of equipment in the department.
• Assist in the development and review of policies and standards for the safe use of equipment and any new equipment introduced to the department.


• Ensure the provision of appropriate supervision and support to members of the ward team.
• Support the provision of effective communication between all members of the multidisciplinary team, other hospital departments, relatives and visitors.
• Ensure quality care is given
• Manage allocated resources effectively and efficiently.
• Assist in ensuring the safety of the department, and the risk management process by actively participating in clinical audit, clinical risk and quality issues, including the managing and reporting of incidents.
• Ensure that all staff know where to access Hospital policies and clinical procedure guidelines and that staff adhere to these at all times
• Lead on an agreed area of department management e.g. infection control link, teaching research etc.
• Act as a team leader for a group of nurses, acting as a mentor/preceptor, and facilitating their development through challenge and support.
• Lead and co-ordinate team projects and team building activities.
• Participate in the process of recruitment and retention of staff.
• To contribute to the appraisal process, and if required disciplinary activities.
• Deputise for the department manager in their absence or when requested.


• Actively assist in the education and practical training of learners, junior staff and multidisciplinary team members at every opportunity, through formal and informal teaching.
• Ensure the provision of and access to appropriate mentors for student nurses, and provide a supportive and challenging environment for students in training.
• Participate in the audit of the clinical learning environment
• Supervise and orientate learners, temporary staff and staff new to the area.
• Act as a preceptor for junior staff nurses.
• To be a resource for students and junior colleagues, facilitating the development of junior staff
• Teach patient’s significant others the clinical skills required to care for their patient safely at home
• To initiate and participate in audit and research studies relating to nursing and multidisciplinary care, presenting findings through presentations and writing for publication
• Maintain own professional development and mandatory training


• To maintain confidentiality surrounding the patient’s admission and treatment at all times.
• To ensure documentation is completed accurately
• To have knowledge of and adhere to ward and Hospital Policy and professional standards. To ensure that team members do likewise.
• To demonstrate a professional approach to work, and act in accordance with the Professional Code of Conduct at all times.
• To participate in staff appraisal, staff development and in service training activities.
•. To identify own learning needs and ensure own professional development is maintained by keeping up to date with practice developments.
• To undertake further training and academic qualifications as relevant to the role and service requirements.


Accepts the endorsement of Nurse on duty regarding the patient
Greets and Changes the patient's dress to patient's gown
Takes the Vital Signs of the patient
Takes an initial data of the patient
Monitors the progress of labor of patients: the intensity and frequency of the contractions, and reports it to the Attending physician
Does internal examination to identify the patient's cervical dilatation

Assists in Labor and Delivery of Clients these include:

Prepares the Delivery room
Checks the equipments needed before transferring the patient to the delivery room
Does perineal shaving and prepping of the patient
does catheterization when needed
Does delivery of the baby when the Attending physician is not available

Assists in Major and Minor operations as both scrub and circulating nurse

Cleans the operating room and discards the suction prior to the case
Gathers all the supplies, instruments, and equipment necessary for the case
Arrange the OR furniture correctly
Open and flip sterile supplies for surgical operations
Assists in IV Therapy
Assists the Anestheologist
Assists with skin preparations
Ties the gown of the scrub nurse and the surgeons
Provides the scrub personnel with the proper foot stools as necessary
Turn and help adjust the lights as necessary
Supplies the scrub nurse with the necessary supplies
Receive and label the specimen properly
log and deliver the specimen to pathology properly
Help apply wound dressing
Pull case for following procedure
Perform surgical hand scrub.
Gown and glove using closed glove technique.
Re-gown and glove when breaks in technique occur

Does setting up case (back table, mayo stand and O.R. basins). The tasks include:

A. Arrange instruments and supplies (back table, mayo stand and O.R.).
B. Count needles, instruments and sponges.
C. Check instruments for proper functions.
D. Prepare irrigating solution.
E. Draw medications properly.
F. Gown and glove surgeon and assistant.
G. Assist with draping.
H. Prepare electric cautery, suction and light handles for proper use.
I. Prepare necessary sutures.
J. Pass instruments to surgeon and assistant.
K. Retract, sponge, and suction during case as necessary.
L. Proper identification and handling of specimen.
M. Prepare instruments for decontamination at completion of case.
N. Dispose of sharps properly.
O. Discard soiled drapes and trash properly.
P. Transport soiled drapes and trash properly.
Q. Anticipate the surgeon and assistant needs.
R. Anticipate the operative procedure needs.
Help apply wound dressing.

Monitors postpartum and post-surgical patients in PACU. The task includes:

Monitors V/S every 15 minutes until stable
Checks IVF regulation, and labels the IV fluids properly
Measures I&O and document it properly in the patient’s chart
Administers medication per doctors orders
Transfers postpartum and post-surgical clients to room of choice
Does health teachings to the patient and patient's significant others
Cleans and packs instruments after operation
Charts and Documents both intra-partal and peri-operative procedures and care

Endoscopy Nurse Responsibilities:

• Applies the nursing process to assess pain, plan, implement and evaluate the care of the patient undergoing a diagnostic endoscopy.
• Assess physical, psychological, psychosocial and educational needs of the patient.
• Provides patient with explanations of procedures and treatments.
• Demonstrates awareness and respects all patient’s rights, privacy and confidentiality.
• Treats all patients with dignity and respect.
• Assists physician with all endoscopy procedures including colonoscopy, bronchoscopy, EGD, PEG tube placement,.
• Follows facility guidelines in the assessment, care and evaluation of the patient receiving conscious sedation.
• Follows facility policy to administer and monitor IV conscious sedation in a safe and effective manner.
• Documents assessment, administration and patient’s response to conscious sedation according to facility policy and procedure.
• Monitors and documents to each intervention during the endoscopy procedure.
• Demonstrates safety and accuracy in the administration, monitoring and documentation of all treatments, medications, and IV therapies.
• Provides a safe, comfortable and therapeutic environment for the patient.
• Responds immediately and appropriately to emergencies or acute changes in patient status.
• Provides Pathologist with accurate and complete information regarding specimen collection.
• Adheres to and applies all principles of infection control during endoscopic procedures, with the disinfection and sterilization of equipment, use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and disposing of biomedical/hazardous waste.
• Ensures appropriate care, maintenance and safe handling of scopes at all times.
• Applies cautery-grounding pad appropriately.
• Adheres to facility guidelines in use of gluteraldehyde/Steris.
• Assures Endoscopy Department Discharge Criteria are met before discharging patient.
• Ensures the discharge process provides continuing care based on assessed needs of the patient and communicates explicit time/action discharge instructions using simple terminology.
• Uses sound clinical judgment with all nursing responsibilities.
• Effectively communicates and collaborates with other members of the health care team to address patient’s needs and generate safe patient outcomes.
Relationship Status: Married
Looking For: Shared interests
Height: 5'4" (163 cm)
Smoking: Non-Smoker
Religion: Sikh
Hobbies & Interests: Playing the violin, listening to music,traveling
Favorite Music: Classical and Broadway music
Favorite TV: OPRAH
Favorite Quotes: CARPE DIEM
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