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ArunKumar Cheela

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Smart Home Automation
About: Welkom bij online casino Nederland!
About: Home Automation Solutions and smart Devices

Pert 8 node smart switch
Pert 4 node smart switch
Pert 2-node smart switch
Pert smart Plug
Pert Multi Sensor
Pert Motion Sensor
Pert Door Sensor
RGB Light Controller (Can control the RGB Light & you can change the color of the LED)
Pert smart lock for home
Pert smart curtains
Pert Microwave Sensor (Automation for lights)
Pert Remote ( Can control all remote based devices)
Pert 4node (B) ( Can control your 4 switches in a single board, with max 200W load you can put on first node & is dimmable for fan and 2,3 &4 nodes are non dimmable nodes and 1000W load each)

For Commercial Projects:

15-Node- 3 Phase (Each Node 16amp. Total-80amp per phase)

16-Node- Single Phase (Each Node 16 amp. Total 100 amp)
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